Lamda Light has been in the making for over a decade. A mental archive of light stories primarily related to film making, that consciously started taking form in 2010. An archive of visual references drawing inspiration from the use of light in still and moving image, exploring the direction, the source, the intensity, the quality, the color of light.
An archive driven by curiosity in relation to these elements that come together to draw attention, create texture, impact, to create an atmosphere. The focus being on where the light source comes from and where it lands.
This ten-year long archive was revisited in 2020 when the design duo started experimenting with its first creations. The light narratives accumulated over the years started going into actual production, based on an intriguingtrademark of design principles: the end goal is a beautiful light, the source of light is always hidden, the design process is dictated by the light, not by the space it will be hosted by, the elements used are the hardest in texture and the boldest in color yet treated to produce a soft finish.
In what could be considered a brazen move, Lamda Light almost dismisses functionality; the light is to be stared at as an art piece, instead of actually providing a light solution for a specific space, a specific need.

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